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.:Dear Boy:. (A Letter to What May Happen)
Dear Boy,
    I don’t know when or where or how we’ll meet. I don’t know how old we’ll be. I don’t know what your name is, or who you are, but I know that someday we’ll find each other.
    When we finally meet, I hope that you’ll fall in love with who I am, instead of what I look like. I hope you won’t compare me to girls who wear expensive clothes and jewelry, or to girls who prefer going out everyday to staying inside, watching TV and YouTube. I hope you won’t compare me to the girls who have brighter smiles, or prettier faces, or better bodies. I hope you will love me for exactly who I am when you meet me, and exactly who I choose to be as time goes on.
    I hope you remember that not all fanfiction is smut, meaning that I am not a porn writer. I hope that you’ll understand that the YouTubers and actors that I like are role-models for me, and that they mean a lot to me,
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 0 1
.:You're So Cute!:. (JackSepticEye x Reader Fluff)

Hanging out with Jack was one of your favorite past-times. He was so much fun to talk to, and it had always seemed like you were destined to be friends, from the moment you met each other. Ah, yes, the day you met was a very… interesting day. Of all the ways to meet the man you’d admired for so long, who would’ve thought that it’d be because he thought you were cute?
Yes, the JackSepticEye had thought you were cute. He denied it, of course. But his friends were always teasing him about how he’d been so desperate to talk to you, and how he couldn’t take his eyes off of you when he first saw you. You tried to brush off the teasing as just that, but something told you that there was quite some truth behind their little jokes.
Maybe it was the fact that you kinda-sorta had a thing for Jack. Who could blame you? He was so kind and loving and… perfect. Not to m
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 4 0
.:She's Mine:. (AntiSepticEye/Wiishu Horror Fic)

S͓̜̍͂̈́͛ͫ̇͟ȩ̠̃a̜̱̰̹̔͒͊ͤͧn̝̖̮͑̓ͩ̚ͅ ̚ȟ̭̯̘̳̈̆̌ͧ͠ȃ̡̟̠̭̱͒ͥ̍ͪ̅ͅḏ̖͕̙͖͍̅͋̓̉̍ ̦̠̘̮̐ͮͤͨ͋̀͌h̖͉̤̫̮̅̄͋ͮi̹͓̳̻͚̺̮͝s̛̳̖̹ ̨ͥ̆̒͗c͇̤͚͇͚̬ͮ̂͝h͚ä̢̫́̿ͪ̐n̝͎̙̲͗ͯ̏ͨ̉ͅc̣̯͔͕̭͕e͈̩̬̲͔.̖̀̆ͥͫ̀͝ ͇̬̰͔͈͋ͥ͒͐̐S̾ͪ̏
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 14 0
.:Salami Jokes:. (OC Fluff Fic)
"Hey, Morgan?"
Morgan looked up from her cell phone, seeing Elactra standing in front of her with her hands behind her back and a badly-suppressed smile tainting her lips.  "Yeah, what is it?" Morgan asked, raising one eyebrow curiously.
Elactra bit her lip, apparently trying to hold back laughter. "D-do..." She took a deep breath, glancing away. What's so funny? Morgan wondered. Elactra went on: "Um, would... would you like s-some... hard salami?"
Morgan blinked, taken aback. "Some what?" she demanded. What was that supposed to mean?
"You heard me," Elactra answered, still holding back giggles. "I have some hard salami for you, if you want it..."
Is she saying what I think she's saying? Morgan thought incredulously. What the...
Morgan's thoughts were interrupted by Elactra removing her hands from behind her back, holding up... a bag of salami slices. The label read "Hard Salami".
"Oh, you complete -" But she never got to fi
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 2 2
.:Safe:. (Markiplier x Teen!Bullied!Reader)

You would've thought that, when you decided to take a walk, you would be left alone. You didn't know where you were going, you just knew that you were bored and had nothing else to do, and you'd taken walks before when you were bored and had nothing to do. So when you realized that, for a December afternoon in California, the weather wasn't so bad, you threw on a jacket and started walking with your phone in your pocket and your headphones on, listening serenely to your playlist. And you managed to make it through three or four songs without an interruption.
But what you never expected was to be spotted by them. The college students who picked on any high-schooler they could get their hands on. They'd gotten to you and your friends more than once before, and you were sick and tired of them. Their jeering voices were unmistakable, though you only heard them because your playlist chose not to play the next song immediately after the
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 15 2
.:The Hunter and the Hunted:. (Original Oneshot)

In silence, she waits. The docile wind tickles the leaves of the trees and ruffles her soft, short fur with ease. The sunlight glows on her slender, muscular body, a body built for speed and agility.
All around her, Nature’s distractions tug at her focus, begging for her attention. The trees whisper to each other in the language of the Earth, tossing secrets between one another that Man will never understand. The grass sways like the long, flowing skirt of a woman’s dress, lush and green and soft. In the distance, the cheerful burbling of a stream can be heard over the sound of birdsong overhead. Patches of darkness twitch ominously, dancing with the sun in a shadow-laden choreography created by the leaves and branches above.
And yet none of it can draw away her attention. Nothing can make her deviate from her task; she can’t afford such a diversion. Her life – her entire delicate, fragile being – depends on
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 0 0
.:Spontaneous Duet:. (Thomas Sanders/Reader Fluff)

One of your favorite things to do was to listen to him sing. He had such an amazing voice, and possessed this magnificent ability to turn almost any song into a masterpiece fit for his own vocal range and style. And it wasn’t hard to catch him singing, either – he’d do it all the time. All you had to do was listen.
But you never expected to join him.
You two were perfectly content to silently enjoy each other’s company when one of you would visit the other. You were currently scrolling through tumblr on his couch, a slight smirk crossing your lips whenever you found something particularly interesting or amusing. And you were so immersed in your browsing that you didn't see Thomas looking at you.
No, he wasn't just looking at you. He was staring, and as soon a he realized this, he averted his gaze to his phone, blushing faintly. He'd been friends with you for a long time, but he'd never really... n
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 10 0
.:My Nameless Little Buddy!:. by MoonCat47 .:My Nameless Little Buddy!:. :iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 2 0
.:Thank You:. (Original Gift)

The day we met, I was so… naïve. I didn’t think that walking up to a stranger in school, sitting down next to them, and saying, “You look like you could use a friend!” would offer me one of the closest friendships I’d ever known.
Over the years, we’ve watched each other grow up. You’ve seen me at my worst, and rejoiced with me when I was at my best. I’ve told you things that I was terrified of admitting, things that I thought would scare you away. And, almost as if rewarding me for this kind of courage that can only come from the strongest of friendships, you’ve helped to enhance the wonder and joy of my happiest moments.
But did you know that you are, and have been, the very cause of some of those happy moments? There are times when we’ve made each other laugh, or when you’ve said the strangest things, or when we end up in an intense, intelligent discussion of inte
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 2 3
.:Cheering Up a Friend:. (Phan Fluff Oneshot)

Whether they really were a couple, as the “Phandom” oh-so-hoped they were, or just the closest of friends, one thing could be said for certain about these two Brits: they were a match made in heaven.
Platonically or otherwise, these two were made for each other. They were like Yin and Yang, in all honesty. There was Dan, the existentialist with a love for anything black and/or very, very, very dark gray. He was the practical one, the thinker, even going so far as to say the politician. And then there was Phil, the one who could fit a joke into any sort of conversation - be it a good joke or not – and who some might refer to as “pure sunshine.” He seemed to have this magical power to make anybody smile at any time he chose, whether it was intentional or otherwise.
And sometimes, he called upon this power of his for a single, simple task: cheering up Dan.
See, because Dan was such an existentialist, as previou
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 2 0
.:I Feel Like a Monster:. (AntiSepticEye Songfic)

Song is Monster by Skillet
It was one of those nights again. The nights when it was strongest inside him, fighting viciously for control of his body. Though it was usually random and very sudden, it also happened during every single full moon, which wasn’t very surprising by this point. But though it might not be surprising, it was still complete torture. It was physically painful to keep this bottled up, so painful that there were many times during the night when he would double over in agony, or flinch as if something had struck him, when there was nothing around him but empty air and untouched furniture.
The secret side of me
I never let you see
He never let anyone see what was wrong with him. Not even his closest friends and family. There was nobody he could trust with this secret. It would be too traumatizing for them, if they knew that something like this was real. They would never be able to look
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 8 2
.:Saving a Small Life:. (Original Angst Oneshot)

At the age of 16, you were, of course, having emotional issues. Every teenager does. It’s natural, even if the angry red hashmarks you’d carved into your skin were something that wasn’t so healthy and shouldn’t be considered “normal”. At least, “It’s natural,” is what everyone told you. But it wasn’t like that helped.
And one day, when your parents dragged you out into town with them to run errands, you couldn’t help but groan in protest. You didn’t feel like it today. You didn’t want to deal with people. Just the thought of a crowd overwhelmed you today, but your parents wouldn’t have it.
Even the little voice of conscience inside you was nagging for you to go outside today. And not any other day, no, it had to be today. You had no idea why it was bugging you, but your parents were going to bring you with them, one way or another.
You discovered t
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 0 0
.:Geese:. (Phan Prompted Fluff Oneshot)

Without regular upload schedules set for their channels, Dan and Phil had a considerably larger amount of free time. They didn’t have to upload a video every day – or twice a day, the way a few gamers worked (not to say that those types of YouTubers had absolutely no free time, of course). So instead of pre-recording, editing, and uploading videos every day, they spent their time doing whatever they preferred.
Most of the time, of course, they stayed in the flat. They’d fill their favorite mugs with whatever drink they desired at the time, settle into their favorite spots on the sofa, and pick up an electronic of choice, be it their phones, laptops, or the TV remote.
There were times when they’d have to go into town for one reason or another. Usually, even if they only needed one or two things from a single shop, they would end up being out-and-about for quite a bit longer than they originally intend
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 3 0
.:Stay:. (CrankGameplays x Reader Songfic)

Song is Stay by Zedd feat. Alessia Cara
You wouldn’t go so far as to say that you had a thing for Ethan. But you certainly liked spending time with him, whenever you could. So of course you jumped on the chance to have him over at your house for a few hours. And, in all honesty, it was the most fun you’d had in a long time. You’d been falling into a bit of a depression that, for the life of you, you couldn’t remember the cause of, and Ethan’s bubbly nature and gentle encouragement were exactly what you needed.
But now he had to go home.
Waiting for the time to pass you by
Hope the winds of change will change your mind
“Do you have to go so soon?” you asked, trying to keep your tone light. You didn’t want him to know that your heart was crying out for him to stay with you.
Ethan sighed as he stood up from where you two sat at the kitchen table. “’fraid so,
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 8 0
.:Quite a Sight:. (Prompted Horror Oneshot)

I’m dead. I know I’m dead. I’m not being dramatic, either; or, at least, I’m not trying to be. I am simply… dead. And I’ve been dead for a long time, too.
I don’t remember much about how I died. I think it was a car accident. A drunk driver hit us and we went into a tailspin. My brother survived – and for that, I’ll always be thankful – but I didn’t make it. I remember lots of pain, of course, because my leg had broken and I had several deep cuts on my arms and face. I remember tasting blood in my mouth, salty and metallic and overwhelming. And then the pain started to ebb, and my vision started to blur, and a wave of blackness rose behind my eyes. It felt like going to sleep, but I knew it was death. At first, I tried to fight it off. But though it faded slightly, I was too weak to banish it completely. So I looked over at my brother, who was in the driver’s
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 0 0
.:I See Fire:. (Gravity Falls Songfic) !SPOILERS!

Song is I See Fire by Ed Sheeran
Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
Keep careful watch of my brothers' soul
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin's sons
Ford couldn’t bear to imagine what would happen to this place – to his family – if his worst fears came true. He knew he shouldn’t think like that, that he shouldn’t let his mind run away with him. But he couldn’t stop the images crowding into his mind, fluttering like a bird trapped in a cage. Images of his home and the ones he loved, perishing in flames of what he referred to as Weirdmageddon.
If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Well, he wouldn’t let things end like that. And even if there was nothing he could do to stop it, he’d be sure to stick with Stanley and the kids. He’d make sure that they at least had something to ho
:iconmooncat47:MoonCat47 0 0
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I'm K-Goddess, but you can call me whatever you like (within reason ;)).
I'm a writer, and almost exclusively so.
This account is mostly for fanfiction and other literature, but I occasionally post art.
As far as requests go, I don't care about the OTP, the type of fic, or the ending you want, or anything else for that matter!
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Fandoms I Can Write About
A list of fandoms I know enough about to write fanfics about.

- Supernatural (Seasons 2-7)
- Ice Age (2-5)
- Zootopia
- Sly Cooper
- Five Nights at Freddy's (all games)
- We Bare Bears
- Big Hero 6
- Harry Potter
- Warriors (First series and some Super Editions only)
- Stranger Things
- A little bit of Undertale
- YouTubers
Dan and Phil
Planet Peebles
Thomas Sanders

- The Last of Us
- Gravity Falls
- The Hobbit
- The Lord of the Rings
- Sherlock
- Outlast II
- Big Time Rush
- Victorious
- Sam & Cat
- Gilmore Girls

This is all I can think of right now - I may add more some other time!
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Fandoms I absolutely refuse to write anything about... like, seriously, there's no point in even asking...

- Twilight
- My Little Pony
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1. Be patient, no pestering me about when it'll be done
2. Only five fanfics in progress at a time
3. First-come, first-serve
4. One fanfic at a time per person
5. No harassing my work
6. No harassing others for their fanfic/OTP/etc.

Break any of these rules and I will not write any more fanfictions for you or any side account you may have.
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Quick Notes: Please keep your request within my range of fandoms! I can't write about things I don't know about, poppets! Sorry!
And, yes...I can write smut.
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I SUMMON SugarcoatedStar AND YourFriendTheBrony TO NOTE ME ASAP
How do you make your own music for, like, video games and stuff? The way that Toby Fox did for Undertale? This is a serious question...


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